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 The second of the proposed deadlines had passed and I haven't received any audio files :( I have heard from a few of you asking for extensions which I can give, but a lot of you didn't even check it. Please take this time to do so, if you aren't finished at least tell me how far along you are. Also there are a few of you that I haven't heard from at all since the project began. Please let me know if you are still interested or if I should try to find someone else for the role. Thanks.
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 The 24th has arrived. Are you guys done with your parts? If not I'll extend it to the 10th of June but I really want to get this thing going. Also I haven't heard anything from a few of you, if you are not interested in participating anymore please let me know so I van find replacements. Also please use the GDoc so I can see your progress! Thanks!

When you are done with your parts please upload them somewhere and post a link in the community or email them to me so I can start assembling it.
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 hey guys, so I haven't heard from any of you and either people aren't using the Gdoc or people aren't working on the project, So i'm going to set a deadline for things to be in by so we all have a date in mind. I'm thinking either may 24th or june 10th (I'll be out of town in between those dates so I won't be able to compile stuff together then) If anyone has something super urgent or some reason why they can't have it done by then I can move the date back a bit, but i want to get this done so we can share it with everyone.please use the Gdoc so I can see everyone's progress, also please check out he music post and put forth your opinions on suggested music
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 so the lovely [personal profile] vassalady pointed out that the title of our story comes from the song when the lights go on again. So i wanted to use the song for our podfic, both for the intro and to separate our parts there are a couple of versions i like and wanted to get feedback on.

so firs there is the vera lynn version here
then the vaugn monroe version here
and finally by the acapella mellows here

let me know which version you like best for our story!

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 Hey guys! Just checking in to see how things are going! I myself have 2 of my 8 parts recorded. (I would be working on more now, but alas, i am sick and my voice is all screwed up). I also have a list of how the chapters are split by character that may be helpful. I have them all in a GDoc where we can cross off the parts we have done so we can see how far we all are in the recording process.

Also please when recording, make your sections into different files! It will make is much easier to put them together at the end :) thanks! :)

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Oh, hey, this will be more help if I actually post it, right?

I put some time and thought into these, but there are a few places where I just flipped a metaphorical coin about where the stress ended up--I'm happy to hear alternate readings if you don't think I'm making sense.

Argonian pronunciation notes:
(note - none of the stresses, as I pronounce them, are particularly strong)
Alulim - ah-LOO-lim
Archon - AR-kon
Argon - AR-gone
Argonian - ar-GON-ee-an
Burrukam - BURR-ruh-kum
Isimud - IS-ee-mood
Imperator - im-PEER-a-tor
Irkalla - eer-KAL-lah
Kammani - kam-MAN-ee
Mammitu - MAM-mee-too
Mechanikos - mek-AN-ee-kos
Nergal - NER-gal
nin-Irkalla - nin ear-KAL-lah

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 Hey guys, Things have been pretty hectic for me (Moving out of state, starting a new job) and I've been podblocked, but I am ready to start this thing if you are. I think the only thing we need to do before we get started is agree on how to pronounce some of the words in the podfic I  [personal profile] ailis_fictive has a list for us. if you could please check in below that would be awesome. Also if anyone has any ideas for a better way to keep in contact, please let me know.


Sep. 15th, 2013 09:27 pm
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 Hi guys, sorry i've been MIA for so long, i am just settling in after my move to california, things have been super hectic these past two months. Anyways, what's the status you guys? Ready to start recording, need some more time? How goes it?
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 Hey guys, so looking through the comments, it looks like most of you prefer us each recording our own parts, which is great because it will be much easier to edit! I was thinking we could get a snippet of each up recording some dialogue of our characters in about two weeks time which I can put in a streaming post for reference on the community.

so I think some people are having some trouble deciding whose POV some sections are, lets talk about that here. there is also the issue of the letters between tony and steve and how we want to read those parts as well.
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 Okay guys, i am open to multiple versions of recording, when I originally envisioned this, i thought we would be reading all the charaters and voices from our own point of view. It looks like so e of you thought we would be recording every line from our character, which I would be open to, I would just make it so people would still be in charge of editing their own point of view parts so I wouldnt have crazy ammounts of editing to do. 

So how do we want to record this? If we did do all our character's lines even from other parts, we would need to distribute other charaters who don't have their own individual sections. 

So thoughts?
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Hey guys, welcome to the community. I chose dreamwidth because of the open id posting option so even if you don"t have a dreamwidth account you can still talk with us.

here is the official cast list!
News reporters/ Ben Urich, Johnny storm, jonah jamison - [livejournal.com profile] lavenderfrost
Tony/iron man - [livejournal.com profile] seusian
cint/hawkeye - [personal profile] k_town
carol/Ms Marvel - [personal profile] heard_the_owl
Jan/The wasp - [personal profile] the_enabler
steve/Captain america - [personal profile] vassalady
irkalla/alien queen - [personal profile] zvi
wanda/ Scarlet witch - [personal profile] dr_fumbles_mcstupid
hank/antman - [personal profile] kalakirya
ismud/ tony's translator - [personal profile] ailis_fictive
peitro/quicksilver - [livejournal.com profile] lavenderfrost

So how far are you guys into the story? Enjoying it? we should also talk about a tentative date for people to turn in their recorded parts. We can also talk about trading our parts for beta listeners
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